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Packaging Plack::Builder::Conditionals for Debian

I had been working on updating the dependencies  for the LedgerSMB packages which I am in the process of transitioning to the 1.5.x series and it seems I missed that there was still a Perl module required for it that had not yet packaged for Debian:

I created an ITP[1] for that and then worked on the packaging.  It has now been uploaded to Debian and accepted into unstable as the package libplack-builder-conditionals-perl.  It may migrate to Debian Testing by the end of next week, by which time Debian Testing may be code named  'Buster'  if 'Stretch' is released as currently expected.  

Ubuntu backports back to Xenial are available at our PPA [2] (if anyone thinks it should be available for older LTS releases, please let me know):


I'll be uploading it to our apt package repository [3] as well.

Robert James Clay

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