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Re: LedgerSMB 1.5.7 released

The Docker builds for this release are available as of yesterday. To install 1.5.7 specifically, run the command:

  $ docker pull ledgersmb/ledgersmb:1.5.7

The team is proud to announce a tremendous size optimization of the docker image as of this release: the 1.5.6 release was reported to be "1GB" on Docker Hub, the 1.5.7 size is now only 289MB(!). Similar size savings have been achieved for the installed images: where Docker was reporting 2.2GB "virtual size" for 1.5.6, it is now reporting only 718MB(!) for 1.5.7.

Please note that the  LedgerSMB functionality provided by the container has *not* changed; the size reduction has been achieved by reducing the number of dependencies(-of-dependencies) that Debian automatically installs when installing LedgerSMB's dependencies. Also, a different container has been chosen to bootstrap the container from (we have switched from Perl:5 to Debian:Jessie).

The team hopes that the size reduction makes the Docker container attractive as an alternative to (distribution-)package-based installations.

Kind regards,


On Thu, Jun 1, 2017 at 9:51 PM, Erik Huelsmann <..hidden..> wrote:
The LedgerSMB development team is happy to announce yet another new
version of its open source ERP and accounting application. This release
contains the following fixes and improvements:

Changelog for 1.5.7
* Fix missing trailing zeros in cheque printing (Erik H, #2565)
* Change comparison periods selector to a number spinner (Erik H)
* Fix http error response (Yves L)
* Fix Salesperson field not displayed (Nick P, #2784)
* Fix can't delete unused account after books closed (Nick P, #2800)
* Fix parts with capitals can't be added to AP invoices (Erik H)
* Change 'Super-user login' to 'Database admin login' (Erik H, #2654)
* Fix reconciliation loads parser from non-existing location (Erik H, #2313)
* Clarify 'Import (Yes/No)' on user creation (Erik H, #1510)
* Fix left menu initially too narrow (Erik H, #955)

Erik H is Erik Huelsmann
Yves L is Yves Lavoie
Nick P is Nick Prater

The release can be downloaded from sourceforge at

These are the sha256 checksums of the uploaded files:
109dab6f5731ee9f30d444a39d5df22d13252087146ba4573288aedac656e272  ledgersmb-1.5.7.tar.gz
0202f45ddc3a165a0914c830cc32a7488c4f837c63d81ee9af86b96f71856f5f  ledgersmb-1.5.7.tar.gz.asc



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