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Re: Suggested centralization of Login code

On 31/05/17 02:29, Robert J. Clay wrote:

On Tue, May 30, 2017 at 1:37 AM, David G <..hidden..> wrote:

  - the password change widget should (up until 1 working day before the
expiry, where a working day is Monday through Friday)

    That will need further consideration, I think; not everyone works a M-F weekly schedule and I don't think hard coding (or just assuming) it is a good idea.   (Any functionality in the user data regarding work day schedules?)
I did have pause for thought before typing that, however, decided that "in general" it's a viable mechanism.
We do want to strongly encourage the user to change their password well before the expiry date, hence the redirect to a modal password change widget once we are within the notification of expiry period.
The change to not allowing that dialog to be skipped during the last working day is simply a last ditch effort to get the password changed before it expires.
It really doesn't matter a huge amount if that falls on a day that the user doesn't work etc. As they will have had a week or more of nagging in which they should have already made the change.

I don't have a problem with making the duration's configurable etc, but we have no guarantee that a user will even log in during the nag time ( they may be on leave)

Either way, It's a vast improvement on what we have now with a popup message, and the user needing to then "go find" the right place to change their password.

David G
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