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Re: Minimum required setup?

On Sun, Apr 09, 2017 at 10:10:55PM +0200, Erik Huelsmann wrote:

>  - Do we deem company details required (so we can print them at the top of
> the P/L or B/S?)


>  - Do we require at least one configured currency?


>  - Do we require a default inventory account to be set before people can
> add Parts?


I would advise requiring more setup than less.  

All the "simple" stuff should be required.  Company info, basic CoA, etc.
Setting up books is about the details, those should not 
be deferred.  It sets the wrong tone for the naive beginner while the
more experienced will expect the setup. 

Without good headers, reports are somewhat impaired.

A basic CoA can be about 15 accounts.  Having 5 or so extra required and 
a few required entities is not so burdensome; while they can give some 
more early clues to the system's features and workings.  

The idea of this flexibility is good but unimportant and mistimed.
My sense is LSMB could use more tests over more stuff to test.

I agree with David that the unsetup company just doesn't run.
I'd reduce that down to one boolean flag.


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