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eInvoice / eProcurement - developing PEPPOL support

Hi all,

Chris and Havard have told me that they have a need for the development of PEPPOL support (eProcurement) as required by the EU (http://www.peppol.eu/ressource-library/technical-specifications/post-award/mandatory).

Havard started to collect some available resources on our wiki (https://github.com/ledgersmb/LedgerSMB/wiki/eProcurement-processes).

Over the coming days, I'd like to go over the various requirements and priorities to see how we can best fit this functionality in our application (on each of these levels: process, UI and technically). My approach would be to find (through discussion on #ledgersmb and here on the mailing list) a commonly understood breakdown of the work to be done; that way, we can split the work over everybody who wants/is able to contribute. Additionally, it allows progress monitoring as the various parts are completed -- which will greatly help the community understand state of affairs at any given point in time.

Now a few questions:
 * Do we have any other volunteers wanting to join this effort, next to Chris and Havard?
 * Does anybody have experience implementing something similar elsewhere?
 * Any comments as to the approach above?




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