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Recommend we don't support users running built dojo on a git/hg/svn branch


I spent a fair bit of time troubleshooting a bug that turned out to be a missing make dojo step.  I know the user who reported it had trouble with the make dojo step and it didn't seem like a widget bug to me until I got fairly deep into it.

In the past we have supported people running LedgerSMB directly out of code repos or checkouts.  I think we should continue to do that, but we really cannot guarantee that dojo gets rebuilt every time it should in these cases, so I think we should explicitly say that running with built dojo on a branch (stable or not) is not supported.

The built dojo strikes me as mostly useful when people are installing from packages and so we are providing the built libraries.  But if we aren't providing the built libraries, then we can't be sure which versions they are using.

As a side note, i think we also need to really carefully think about how we can properly handle cache invalidation in our current approach.

Unless there are any objections, I will put a note saying that running with dojo_built=1 from git, hg, svn, etc is unsupported.  I think that will avoid a lot of effort on our part and a lot of headache for would-be users.

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers

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