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Dropping support for Internet Explorer 9 and lower (as of 1.5.0)?

Hi all,

As part of my efforts to resolve the last known regressions in the UI rewrite for 1.5, I'm trying to resolve the part where file-uploads stopped working.

As it turns out, supporting file uploads is a trivial change, *if* we require XHR2/FormData support. In effect (http://caniuse.com/#search=formdata), that would mean dropping support for IE9 and before. [We've required IE8+ for over 9 years (at least since 1.2.0) now.]

On IRC, we (John, David, Yves and I) were unanimous in dropping the support; even Microsoft seems to have dropped support for IE older than IE11 (full details:

John also notes that PCI standards in the states require TLS 1.1+ as of last month and that IE9 might not even support that.

Workaround for users of older Windows versions is to use FireFox or Chrome.

All in all: it looks acceptable for a release series which needs to be maintained for another 4+ years.

Any objections? If not, I'll document this limitation in our README and make merge the change to make file uploads work (https://github.com/ledgersmb/LedgerSMB/pull/1599/files).



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