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Re: Request for review: new README.md for 1.5 (old README.md+INSTALL.md)

Only browsed it very quickly, but

    After editing the pg_hba.conf file, restart the PostgreSQL server.

should really read "reload" instead of "restart". Probably a minor issue for most people, but anyway.

One of the reasons I think the document can me as short as it is now, is because there are extensive installation instructions on the ledgersmb.org site now. I think that medium is much better suited for the extensive version than the README or INSTALL files, because users can leave comments and we can have a much shorter revision cycle when needed.

Having tried to read the former README, I agree; I weren't sure which suggestions applied to which circumstances. Having a boiled-down basic instruction file, and a pointer to more info on the net is much easier for a first-time installer.

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