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Re: contact class --- can only select/create employees in contacts

Michael Richardson <..hidden..> wrote:
    > A few weeks ago (maybe even December...) we were discussing if I had a data
    > or code issue with Add Contact, as the drop-down only show "Employee" as a
    > class.

I found the problem.
After some sleuthing, and changing the name "Employee" to "Emplopee" in the
table and noting the failure to find the right role, I ran:

sswbooks=# select entity__list_classes();
 (7,"Hot Lead",t)
 (8,"Cold Lead",t)

looks good, but when logged as myself:

sswbooks=> select entity__list_classes();
(1 row)

I used setup.pl to edit my account, finding some seemingly random boxes
unchecked. I checked them all, and now I have all options in the drop-down.

May I suggest that this is entirely the wrong approach to a user interface?

It's great to drive the permissions from database permissions, but I think
that all of the options should be visible, just not selectable.

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