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Porting Devel::Stacktrace changes from your 1.4 branch to master

Hi Yves,

Today I tried to port your changes integrating Devel::Stacktrace for better development stacktraces in development mode, from your branch (1.4-based) to master.

However, at the first commit I'm backporting, I'm getting a merge conflict. The problem is that the _error() function in LedgerSMB.pm on master takes 3 arguments, whereas the one on 1.4 only takes 2 - and you added a third.

Do you think you can port your changes to master in a reasonable amount of time? If so, I'd highly appreciate the effort, so I can focus on your other changes -- the period comparison simplifications.

I'm using these commands to forward port your changes to master:

  git checkout master
  git config merge.renameLimit 60000
  git checkout -b master-better-stacktraces
  git cherry-pick 0df80c4 3120bc6 9cb9f2b 7b8ddfa e94b860



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