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Re: Changing how LedgerSMB is run and it's installation is secured

On Thursday, March 24, 2016 04:51:41 AM David G wrote:
> We believe items 1-3 NEED to happen, the remaining items SHOULD happen
> depending on your responses Only ever run LedgerSMB using Starman
> (High-performance preforking PSGI/Plack web server) Only ever bind Starman
> to localhost
> Always reverse proxy Starman port with either NGINX (preferred) or Apache

   The port appears to default to 5000;  shouldn't that be configurable?

> Also as debian doesn't allow version updates to packages for the
> life of a release Official Packages for LedgerSMB are of minimal benefit.

   Not entirely true, although there are limitations;  it's called "Stable" 
for a reason, after all.   I've done it for another of my packages, and intend 
to try to update the version in the current Debian v8.  If that' s not 
sufficient, there's also something like jessie-backports, although that's where 
I intend to get the v1.4.x series to...

> We are better to point people at our own repository.

    We should do that along with any other packages being provided (like in 
Debian), as we are more likely to have things like beta or RC packages along 
with series specific packages (like ledgersmb-1.4), or packaged dependencies 
that may not be widely available yet.


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