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LedgerSMB 1.5.0-beta4 released

The LedgerSMB project is proud to announce the latest beta of its
new 1.5.0 release line, beta 4. Although the beta has been a bit delayed,
this is for good reason as many things have changed (fixed or improved)
since the last beta:

 * Improved quality assurance:
   * Verification of the pre-defined charts of accounts
   * Validation of the PO (translation) files
   * Creation of in-browser tests (including framework);
     test coverage now up to 25%, from 11%
 * Improved translation tooling (Transifex web based translations)
 * Reduced (greatly) number of requests to load Dojo (custom build)
 * Dojo upgrade to 1.10 (from 1.7)
 * Includes all (applicable) fixes from 1.4
 * Many fixes for issues found in 1.5.0-beta3 and before
 * Code restructuring:
   * Perl library code moved into lib/
   * Custom Dojo widgets moved into
 * Better schema management tooling (silencing "Fixes.sql" non-error errors)
 * Removal of dead code
 * Silencing output "bleeding into the logs" (notably while running the test suite)
 * Initial version of an SQL Ledger 3.0 migration

The following are slated for the next release, which might be another beta or an RC,
depending on feedback:

 * Updated documentation (notably installation instructions)
 * A number of issues, currently marked with the '1.5-rc1' milestone:
  * All blocking issues found during the 1.5.0-beta4 testing period

Please install this version -- for testing purposes only -- and send your feedback
as soon as possible, so the project gets a clear view on the quality of the software
for your daily workflows!



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