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Customer/Vendor definition vs data on invoice screen

Hi all,

While writing tests for the transaction a nd invoice screens, I found that we're not consistent between the information we're showing on the invoice screen and how we expect users to use our contacts.

Basically, we search and show the customer's "entity" or "legal" name and the associated control code. Yet we expect users to understand that they need to create an entity /and/ an entity credit account.

Assuming a new user, how would one understand this dichotomy?

Further more: how could we improve on the current screens to improve our screens, making then (more) self-explanatory?

My thinking is that resolving inconsistencies like these are a very important part of the 1.6 release. In order to be able to resolve these issues, we need to decide where we're headed though!
Should we raise this issue on users@ to leverage our current (and maybe subscribed future) user base?




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