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Re: When will v1.5 start testing?

Hi Philip,

You can test 1.5 now if you like, the more the merrier ;-)
The only way to do this currently is to run from git branch "master"

    git clone https://github.com/ledgersmb/LedgerSMB.git

Then follow the instructions in INSTALL.md
Be aware these instructions have not been updated as yet so you may need to ask some questions in #ledgersmb on freenode IRC network.

It may be of interest to know that #ledgersmb is also bridged to another chat network that has some interesting features such as allowing you to view the chat history even for periods that you were not logged in!
To access it this way use their vector web client at
Once you have that page loaded read the RED question and "join" the room by clicking on the join link!
Things should work ok if you are logged in as a guest (the default) but I would suggest setting up an account and logging in for a better experience.

If you do decide to go down this path, I have an install script that I'm working on that is designed to get you up and running using the git repo as easily as possible. It's not polished as yet but should work.
If you want to try it let me know and I'll send it to you and arrange a time we can both be available on IRC so I can assist with any questions when you run it.
(it's only been tested by me and 1 other so far)

There are expected to still be some issues with 1.5 but they are being fixed almost as quickly as they are found.
Erik has bee working hard on getting Browser Driven testing (BDD) up and running so once an issue is fixed it stays fixed which is helping speedup the final stages of development.

I am sure Erik and John will have a bit more detail to add about the state of various features of 1.5 but we all agree that more people testing it and reporting any issues they find means it will be ready much sooner.

David G

On 09/03/16 11:15, Philip Rhoades wrote:

I am waiting for v1.5 to start testing before I start using LSMB again - 
any indication of an ETA yet?



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