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Re: any objection to 1.5 depending on Pg 9.2 and above?

Chris Travers <..hidden..> wrote:
    > I have a pull request that significantly tightens up our stored
    > procedure logic but depends on features that were first introduced in
    > 9.2. This would significantly improve our ability to say for sure that
    > our stored procedures are valid for the versions we release (I found a
    > number of issues in doing this).

    > If we require 9.2 and higher we also get to assume we have json in the
    > db as well which would be useful in addons.

    > Are there any objections to dropping Pg 9.1 support for 1.5?

Postgresql.org produces new versions that run on even very ancient OS
platforms, so an upgrade isn't that big a deal.

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