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Test::BDD::Cucumber 0.44 released -> LedgerSMB test dependency


Today version 0.44 of Test::BDD::Cucumber was released (Thanks Peter!), with a number of PRs I submitted, included. The release includes an enhancement to create extensions which hook into the testing process. The release is already available from CPAN.

In the coming days I'm planning to write an extension which plugs into this new infrastructure to do setup/teardown in our testing framework on 'master', to replace some BDD steps that I've currently implemented to work around the fact that no setup/teardown was supported so far.

It's my intention to factor out some of the Selenium steps that I have implemented in the LedgerSMB repository now into an extension of its own and into a project of its own to support and leverage the broader Perl community to build a widely used and supported web-testing library (to be released under the same terms as Perl itself).

Interested to help out? Let me know!



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