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RFC: Feedback on design of PGObject and what should be fixed in 2.0


Have any other developers worked with the PGObject framework here?

Here are my thoughts regarding things which should probably be changed:

1.  I would like to avoid requirinng autocommit off for db handles and instead set it off for the series of calls.

2.  I would like to provide better exception handling when a query goes wrong.  In some cases (we couldn't find a function) we should still probably die, but when the function errors, we could use better error handlign rather than dying and expecting the using application to handle it.

My thinking is (for 1.6) to correct the second by making exception handling configurable.  My thinking is to:

1)  Allow exceptions from functions to pass back an exception object on failure.
2)  Allow the class or call to accept an error handler.

the default would probably still be the same.

During the 1.5-1..6 period I would like to get these packages working on both Perl5 (CPAN) and Perl6.

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers

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