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Re: Cleaning up the repository. How does the community feel about it?

On Thursday, December 31, 2015 09:50:59 AM David G wrote:
> It is worth pointing out that it is undesirable to use an OS package to
> provide dojo as there are known to be issues from minor release to minor
> release that would break LedgerSMB. 

  What are those issues and how do they break LedgerSMB? That is;  how is that 
being tested and what does that find?  And why are those minor releases"  being 
used, if they cause such issues?

And as I noted elsewhere; I have so far not seen any issues using the Debian 
packages, although I'll admit that the operational testing I do with it is not 
that  extensive. Nor have there been comments about such issues that I'm aware 
of from anyone using the 1.4.x versions available at apt.ledgersmb.org.

Note that the LedgerSMB source file used for the Debian v1.4.x packages are 
repacked without the dojo related files (but after the archive is checked 
against the gpg key), removing some 10,196 files, and sym links are installed 
pointing to the dojo/dojo, dojo/dijit, & dojo/dojox directories from the dojo 
Debian packages that are installed .  Note also that Debian v8 ('Jessie') has 
dojo v1.10.2 while Debian testing currently has dojo v1.10.4.

  RJ Clay

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