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Proposal to change schema loading order during migrations

Hi all,

Currently, when migrating from 1.2/SQL Ledger, we first perform all migration checks and *then* load the LedgerSMB 1.3/1.4/1.5 schema and *then* perform the actual migration.

This has worked so far, but I'm running into a short-coming: we can't validate the old schema data based on values in the new schema. I'd like to add checks which do exactly that.

I'm thinking to change the load order as follows:

* Rename the old schema away from "public"
* Create a new schema called "public"
* Load the new schema into the new "public"
* Rename the new "public" schema away from "public"
* Rename the old schema back to "public"

--> continue as usual, by running the upgrade checks

(then, instead of *loading* the schema after good checks, rename the schemas again)

How about it?



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