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Re: New developer?

Hi Hugh,

On Thu, Oct 8, 2015 at 4:30 PM, Hugh Mayfield <..hidden..> wrote:
Hi everyone,

My first post.  I have been looking for an accounts / ERP project to
contribute to and LedgerSMB looks really promising.

Great news! Thanks for the complement. I'm curious with which other projects you compared and what your reasons are to choose LedgerSMB over the others. I hope you can share your ideas (maybe there's something to learn there).
I'm a Computer Science student and have also worked in purchasing and
tax compliance.  I'm hoping that contributing to LedgerSMB will allow me
to make use of my experience and also develop my programming, project
management (possibly) and teamworking skills.

That's what Open Source software development did for me when I started doing it (back in 2003). Hopefully, I'll be able to pass some of my experience on to a new generation :-)

My first step I guess is to play with the software, read the
documentation and try to get into the codebase... (if you'll have me)

Absolutely, we'll definitely have you, if we can. Do you need help setting up LedgerSMB? I would advise you to use a *nix like environment to run LedgerSMB: the installation instructions for Windows are spotty at best. Likewise, running LedgerSMB 1.4+ in a development setting is easiest to be done through Starman (the HTTP server), which eliminates the need for an Apache or Nginx setup.

As far as tasks in the project, I think we have enough to be done :-)  As a start, you could have a look for small issues in the GitHub issue tracker. I marked the ones that I think should be easy enough to handle (as in: "can be dealt with in a matter of hours") with the "bite-sized" label.

Thanks for showing your interest and welcome on board!



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