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pg/sql functions field order

Reading here, LSMB is to be based on pg/sql functions.
The idea is to cast the system in stone (functions) and
stop redundant or brittle sql popping up.  This rubs me 
wrong a bit; using sql to analyse and make bulk changes
is one of the attractions of LSMB.  The wrong may be that 
I am used to my sql being set up from DBI.  

   n5=> select account__get_from_accno( '1000');
    (112,1000,"Checking Account",f,A,"",1,f,f,f)
   (1 row)

I see that the field order is the same as a
"select *" or the order of definition in the
sql create statement.  I don't know that I can
count on that.

How am I _supposed_ to associate fieldnames with
the data?

Be well,

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