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Remove "Prerequisites" folder in Sourceforge download area?


The prerequisites folder is nearly empty, but lists 2 dependencies:

 - for 1.2: perl-Config-Std-${
 - for 1.3: perl-Config-Std-${version}.noarch.rpm

Yet http://rpmfind.net/linux/rpm2html/search.php?query=perl-Config-Std&submit=Search+...&system=&arch=

suggests that the perl-Config-Std rpms are all over the place with much more recent versions than the one we provide in prerequisites.

Also, if this was a complete listing of prerequisites, then we'd be in great shape, but all other missing prerequisites, people simply can't get from our download area.

My vote is for being consistent and *not* providing any prerequisites (just listing them) *or* providing them all (a no-go, because we won't be providing a TeX download archive)...




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