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1.4.13-rc1 out

Hi all;

1.4.13-rc1 has been put in the Beta Releases directory in our sourceforge files section.  It includes a number of fixes, most prominently including Gifi PNL reports (1.4.14 will probably include balance sheets as well).

The complete changelog is below.  Please test.

Changelog for 1.4.13
* Account edit group can checkboxes and mark accounts obsolete (Chris T)
* Fixed time cards failing to save (GitHub bug 636) (Erik H)
* List COGS accounts under 'Default COGS' (instead of expense) (Erik H)
* Fix preprocessing Roles.sql was required in 1.3 (obsolete in 1.4) (Erik H)
* Fix entry, selection and listing of GIFI account codes (Erik H)
* Fix entity "Accounts" 'Save as' button (Erik H)
* Fix 'Business Type' not showing up in Contact Account tab (Erik H)
* Fix balance sheet CSV missing 'description' column content (Erik H)
* Fix can't delete draft transactions with reporting units (SF 1391) (Erik H)
* GIFI PNL reports are back.  (Chris T)
* Fix payment entry at the bottom of invoices (SF 1394) (Erik H)
* Some additional constraint checks for migrations from SL 2.8 (Erik H)

Erik H is Erik Huelsmann
Chris T is Chris Travers

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers

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