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Questions about changes to schema 1.2/1.3 -> 1.4


I have some perl scripts I wrote 4 or 5 years ago to do imports of data from MT4 into LedgerSMB. At the time there was essentially no usable perl-level API to interact with the LedgerSMB database, so I simply wrote my own. 

Now we have LedgerSMB 1.4, and I see there are some significant changes to the database schema. I'm wondering if there's now a decent perl module to directly interact with the database (not the "construct a CGI request" hokiness that existed in past versions, I really want something fairly concise and clean, I'll attach what I have, which you can use yourselves, with the priviso that it currently doesn't work with 1.4). 

Barring that, what's the best way to get up to speed on the changes? For instance I see that the vendors table is totally gone, replaced apparently with entities and various relations. I don't see a stored procedure or updatable view that allows a simple SQL INSERT/UPDATE/SELECT of that data. I'm sure I can write one, but why reinvent the wheel?

I'm sure I'll stumble across a bunch of other things, but maybe someone else already has...


Tod G. Harter
Director of Technology Development
Whit's End Solutions, LLC

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