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Re: file_transaction_id_key duplicates


sswbooks=# \d+ file_base_id_seq
                  Sequence "public.file_base_id_seq"
    Column     |  Type   |        Value        | Storage | Description
 sequence_name | name    | file_base_id_seq    | plain   |
 last_value    | bigint  | 5                   | plain   |
 start_value   | bigint  | 1                   | plain   |
 increment_by  | bigint  | 1                   | plain   |
 max_value     | bigint  | 9223372036854775807 | plain   |
 min_value     | bigint  | 1                   | plain   |
 cache_value   | bigint  | 1                   | plain   |
 log_cnt       | bigint  | 31                  | plain   |
 is_cycled     | boolean | f                   | plain   |
 is_called     | boolean | t                   | plain   |

And weirdly, I see "last_value" is 5, and not 3...

select file_name,id from file_transaction;
shows me values up to 69...

sswbooks=# select setval('file_base_id_seq', 70);

and now I can upload files... I wonder what reset the sequence then?

This is really weird, because grepping the code base for the identifier 'file_base_id_seq' doesn't turn up any SETVAL invocations... Normally the sequence shouldn't get reset/changed, it seems?!

I understand that 1.5 will be frameless and more RESTful... be nice
to automate my mobile phone bill processing :-)

Yea it will be frameless. Funny you're starting about it exactly at the time when I have a half-written mail sitting in my outbox to describe what I've been working on for the past week-and-a-half. Stay tuned for more!

In summary, a lot needed to happen for the frameless pages to work correctly, but we're getting there. We're migrating away from the bits _javascript_ that we had before, leaning heavily on dojo to do the right thing for us. This brings us in a position where we can offer a much better user experience. It also quickly moves us into the era of modern "heavy" JS clients where we can develop services for the purpose of interaction with the JS client *and* for users to develop their own interfacing against.

One thing that's already in 1.4 and is there in 1.5 as well, but could be more highlighted is the Starman support: basically, you don't need difficult Apache2 configurations anymore to be able to test/use LedgerSMB: Simply use Starman from the root of the source tree ($ starman tools/starman.psgi) and you'll be able to run it! (Note that for production situations it would still be wise to run LedgerSMB over TLS connections). Starman gives noticeable preformance improvements as well as simplified configuration.



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