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Thoughts on bug 1254 (formerly 1174)


In the process of resolving various issues on bug 1174, issues with the Hungarian translation, it was found that Locale::Maketext::Lexicon and GNU gettext do not have compatible handling of %.  As I have looked further into the code it looks like only a very narrow subset of gettext formatting functions are supported by our current libraries because parameterization is handled in fundamentally different ways.

GNU Gettext uses sprintf with appropriate qualifiers, and so % has to be escaped as %%.  Locale::Maketext uses numeric identifiers with non-numeric ones being method names.  What this means is that our .po files aren't really po files, but things that just kind of look like po files.

Initially we settled on gettext files because we wanted to have a standard format.  However this is not what we have now.  So the question is, going forward (1.5 and beyond) do we want to continue to use pseudo-gettext files?  Or do we want to move to something else?  If we side with the current status quo we certainly need to document it.

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers

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