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Ready to freeze for 1.4.3?

Hi everyone;

Aside from a little bit of documentation work I would like to suggest we freeze for 1.4.3 tomorrow.  This is a significant release with two important changelog points to draw people's attention to:

1.  There is a bug where sales tax works on numbers rounded to the nearest currency unit.  This was found by Bill and caused by some significant changes that occurred in 1.4.  There is a temporary fix available but this fixes it properly for all databases.

2.  We have first-class Starman support.  Initial testing suggests it performs many times better than Apache/CGI although we cannot properly cache old code.    The Plack support is added as an additional PM and is designed so one can easily build against other plack backends (fcgi and starman are bundled).

The full Changelog is as follows:

Changelog for 1.4.3
* Added sanity check for psql availability (Bug 1226, Chris T)
* Added db fix for older eca's missing currencies (Bug 1228, Chris T)
* Fixed bug 1230, pricematrix for vendors not respected (Chris T)
* Updated installation instructions with more Apache info (Bill A)
* Improvements in testing LedgerSMB::Sysconfig (bug 1232, Chris T)
* Fixing sales tax rounding precision (bug via email, Chris T)
* Added Starman/Plack support (Chris T)

Bill A is Bill Appelbe
Chris T is Chris Travers

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers

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