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1.4.1-rc2 released


A significant issue was reported to me today with COGS handling.  For books which had never been closed, null was being inserted in acc_trans.transdate, meaning the lines would not show up on financial statements, gl searches, etc.  This has been corrected and I figure this is sufficiently urgent to do a second release candidate.

the fix for data in place (and this will need to be in the readme of the release, the announcement etc) is to fill in the date if null in acc_trans from the attached transaction but only if the books are open. This should resolve fallout from this bug but it has the possibility of changing books if folks have other bugs relating to null transdates so this needs to be documented.

The pull request for the fix has not been merged yet.  I invite everyone to look at it.


Best Wishes,
Chris Travers

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