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Plan after rc2

Hi all;

Today I am hoping to finish up the work on the major blocking issues for RC2.  Perhaps we can get RC2 out early next week.

One thing I expect to do after RC2 is try to create a simple Dancer wrapper for easy install.  I am allocating no more than about 8 hours to try this (and would more likely give up if I am not close by 4-6 hours).

If this works, we can ship with Dancer as an option in 1.4, and consider porting to the framework in future versions.  If it doesn't, we will have a list of likely problems to discuss.

Shipping with a Dancer option would make installation a lot easier for many folks since Dancer comes with its own web server.  It would also provide greater flexibility since Dancer apps can be run in every way plack aps can be (CGI, mod_perl, fcgi to name a few).

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers

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