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Re: Proposal for 1.5: Move LedgerSMB to Dancer

On Sun, 10 Aug 2014, Chris Travers wrote:

Hi all; There has been some discussion in the past I have had with folks about moving LedgerSMB to Catalyst.  The concern I have is that as Catalyst is a fairly large framework it isn't clear how much we'd be using very light aspects of the framework and how much dependency overhead we'd have.

I use Catalyst for some things, and it seems to me to be quite heavy. Dancer/Dancer2 I am not familiar with, but as far as LedgerSMB is concerned I'll always be more of a user than a developer. I would like to see LedgerSMB move into a framework. I see that as part of the overall attitude that LedgerSMB is part of a larger ecosystem rather than one man's labor.


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