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Preparing 1.3.40?

Hi all,

There have been lots of commits lately on master and 1.4. However, we've not nominated any of those fixes for backport to 1.3. Maybe they're relevant, maybe not.

I'm hoping someone can find time to go through the list of commits backported to 1.4 to determine which ones may be applicable to 1.3. With that list, we might be able to gather enough (relevant) commits for a new 1.3 release.

Unfortunately, the one composing that list won't be me: I'm completely consumed by fixing 1.4/master bugs -- since I want to switch over my last company running 1.3 to 1.4 and I have personally made it a target to get the 1.4 release out the door as soon as I possbily can (which unfortunately doesn't mean I have a timeline, but I do know we had 55 tickets open for 1.4 where 6 were fixed over the last 2 days).



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