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Re: Error updating an old transaction


The Correct Way:
The correct way to handle this is to void and re-enter the invoice.  We have a void button at the bottom for this.

That's ok if you know what you are doing and don't make many mistakes. It's just not workable for a casual user from my experience.




Unfortunately the government doesn't care about how comfortable using account books and guarantee the integrity. Without these kind of restrictions, business administrator (director/owner/accountant etc.) easily could mess up the books and impossible to track back any modification, you cannot trust your books anymore.

The bad news, one cannot proof the integrity of the books, so, the end could be a big penalty from the government.

I also created some mistakes in my books (sales invoices usually, with wrong dates for example), I also did void and recreate with correct data.

In any case, regarding these principles, one can consult with a professional accountant to get fresh and exact information about local rules and regulations.



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