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Re: Helping new installs find the rightdependencies?


Probably I wrote this some weeks ago.

There are some possibilities, if we want to release lsmb as an appliance.

One important condition:
The appliance must be able to upgrade automatically the stock versions.
Of course, there are some other questions need to answer.

- Creating and releasing an openvz container, which contains everything.
 it can be possible to include the appliance in Proxmox virtualization environment: the user clicks on download the appliance from PVEs central store.
 Some minutes to deploy a brand new stock version -> potentially a lot of users.

- Starting to use such a system, which has a good infrastructure for building appliances. In fact, turnkeylinux.
 ISO, openvz, whatever formats supported out of box.
 Turnkeylinux openvz templates are included in PVE (more than hundred).

My opinion, lsmb is a special area, where it is a good idea to use the ERP in its own environment, potentially separated from the daily used systems, such as desktops.
It is necessary to keep the integrity and availability for longer term.
There are cases, when one have to dig into an old accounting data back to 10-15 years.

What do you think?