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1.3.39-rc1 released

Hi everyone;

I have put rc1 up on Sourceforge (in the Beta Releases/1.3.39-rc1 directory).  This has a shorter changelog but a few important fixes.  Please feel free to test.

Changelog for 1.3.39
* Fixed Internal Server Error clicking through ar/ap report (Chris T, 1022)
* Fixed internal server error deleting part (Chris T, 1027)
* Fixed Internal server error saving part with all vendor rows (Chris T, 1028)
* Fixed pricelist pdf column widths all equal (Chris T, 1037)
* Added support for zero-downtime upgrades (Chris T)
* Fixed encoding for templates when edited through web (Chris T, 1077)
* Fixed customer/vendor dropdown resetting on update (Chris T, 1072)
* Fixed error on payments regarding strings as array references (Chris T)

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers

Efficito:  Hosted Accounting and ERP.  Robust and Flexible.  No vendor lock-in.