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Re: Helping new installs find the right dependencies?

On Sat, Mar 22, 2014 at 2:52 AM, Erik Huelsmann <..hidden..> wrote:

Recent discussions - both on the mailing lists and through private mail - show that people still find it hard (or even very hard) to get and install the right dependencies.

While it is a much lower burden for us to share code with other projects where possible, and hence for developers there's a lot to be gained by having dependencies (versus incorporating all that code in our codebase and having to maintain it), I do see how they increase complexity for our users/admins.

My thinking is that we can help admins by providing a tarball with all the required and optional dependencies which are known to work with LedgerSMB (and each other!). That would remove the need for admins installing LSMB to go out to CPAN.

Quick question:

would this be Perl-only dependencies?  Or would we try to do compiled versions for different distros?  

I don't know that we can totally avoid all dependencies in this way, but we could certainly cut them down a lot.

How do others feel about providing such a deps-tarball? Would it help solve the dependencies issue? Does anybody have experience doing so for a Perl project (I have experience for a C project, but that's a different matter entirely)?

I think we could do that for a lot of pure perl dependencies, maybe have a lsmb-[version]-[static].tar.gz which would have most of these in the app directory.  It would require a new build script, but shouldn't be too bad. 



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