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Re: Packaging LedgerSMB for Arch Linux

On 11/03/14 14:18, Robert J. Clay wrote:
On Sun, Mar 9, 2014 at 10:23 AM, Benedict White
<..hidden..> wrote:
I'm just in the process of packaging LedgerSMB 1.4.0-b5 for Arch Linux. There seem to be a large number
of unsupported Perl dependencies.
   Unsupported in what way?  In Arch?   In they are not already in Arch
itself, and not already in AUR;  how easy is it to to them added to
the AUR repository or however else they have can be made available?
Both. That said the packages in the AUR still need to be built.

    When I was working to getting LedgerSMB into Debian, there were
only a few dependencies there were not already in Debian and it wasn't
too hard to get those in...
It's not that hard to put packages in the AUR, I'm in the process of doing that. The issue is that some packages that are unsupported have unsupported dependencies as well.

Can someone tell me what the perl Makefile.pl command does in a practical sense?
      The debian packaging just uses the resulting Makefile  to get the
final form of things like man pages, but uses debian packaging
specific functionality to set up the install paths.

Fair enough. I can script that as part of the post install so it's not a problem.

Currently I have a complete but non working install so may be back for advice later.

Kind regards

Benedict White