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bugs #1073 - emails did not pull in order/offer forms


I need your help :)

I started to figure out, what is the reason, why emails do not appear on sending sales offer/order  to customer, even emails are exist for the customer and on sending invoice form they appear. In 1.3 at this moment.

As I spent a lot of time yesterday, I can see, hidden variables on the invoice screen populated with email data (email, cc, bcc), but in offer/order screen these variables are empty.

As I dig deeper, I thought, these variables populated in the function 'create_links', in the Form.pm. As I can see, there is a code block, where all emails for contact searched, but that's all, I did not succeed to figure out, where this info will be lost.

When the invoice/offer/order forms generated, all variables exist, include email, cc, bcc in is.pl and oe.pl.

So, I think it will be a small step further to solve this issue, but frankly, I am stucked at this point.

Can you help me out with this?