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Re: 1.3.38-rc1 on Monday?

Hi Chris,

No testing from my side yet, but looking at the list, I'd say this makes a nice release.


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On Feb 15, 2014 2:17 PM, "Chris Travers" <..hidden..> wrote:

Any objection to me releasing 1.3.38-rc1 on Monday my time?  The changelog is currently fairly long, and this would give some time for review and adding anythng that may have been missed.  I would expect that all currently open 1.3 bugs would be fixed for 1.3.39.

The complete, current changelog is:

Changelog for 1.3.38
* Fixed AR/AP transactions resetting currency/exchange rate (Chris T)
* Reports all default to detail instead of summary (Erik H)
* Fixed adding vouchers not checking for locked/approved batches (Chris T 1025)
* Fixed can't delete pricematrix entries from customer screen (Chris T, 893)
* Fixed language change on order to invoice conversion (Chris T, 896)
* Fixed ar/ap tax check inconsistency (Chris T, 919)
* Fixed inputs ignored for email addresses sending statements (Chris T, 920)
* Fixed negative overpayments showing as positive (Chris T, 926)
* Fixed permission denied errors after upgrading copied db (Chris T, 956)
* Fixed "access denied" when deleting unused tax account (Chris T, 967)
* Fixed GL Report fails before entering transactions (Chris T, 977)
* Fixed start and end dates not shown on contact screen (Chris T, 979)
* Fixed employee showing up several times on search list (Chris T, 980)
* Fixed contact description not preserved on edit (Chris T, 981)
* Fixed useless buttons on credit div when no account active (Chris T, 1001)
* Backported requires() and requires_series() APIs from 1.4 (Chris T)
* Updated INSTALL to reflect better instructions for Apache 2.4 (Chris T)
* Fixed printed invoice not matching posted when 0 manual tax (Nick P, 1051)
* Updated Hungarian translation (P. Isvan)

Chris T is Chris Travers
Erik H is Erik Huelsmann
Nick P is Nick Prater
P. Isvan is Pongracz Istvan

Any commiters who note anything is missing please let me know.

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers

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