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Chicken and egg

Hi all,

Some months ago, someone handed me his sl2.8 real-world data set, allowing me to develop/test the current migration script. I'm happy with the result I got so far, but I'm convinced it's not good enough.

Today, I was approached by someone else. This person - rightfully - pointed out to me that the current situation of migration scripts deserves attention, possibly before we move to 1.5 and beyond.

While I agree with the general sentiment: our migration scripts are rudimentary work or at least the sl2.8 script is. But to stabilize it, there's only one thing I need: real world data to choke it with all the malformed stuff that's out there. So far I've been unable to find people willing to share their SL data, or even access to a server -either without or with NDA- on their premisses for testing and development of the migration scripts. 

This e-mail is to raise the flag on the issue and to ask the question: How do we break this circle?



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