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My priorities for 1.3.38

Hi everyone;

Now that 1.3.37 appears stable and release imminent, I want to go over my priorities for 1.3.38.  I got bug report 1025 today, which raises some important issues and is likely to be a deep fix.  That's the first one I am going to address.  That gives more time to test and make sure that it works as expected.  Fortunately although it involves old code, the code issues here are straight-forward and don't involve rerouting logic anywhere (what bit us in 1.3.37).

After that I would like to work through the open 1.3 bugs in order of age.  We have some older open bugs and we should probably fix and close them.  I suspect that most or all of the open 1.3 bugs will get fixed in 1.3.38.

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers

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