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Unused code in LedgerSMB/User.pm?

Hi Chris, everybody,

It looks like there's a lot of code to create databases in User.pm, calculate connection strings, etc.

I'm specifically referring to:

 * dbsources
 * dbconnect_vars
 * dbdrivers
 * dbcreate
 * dbdelete
 * dbsources_unused
 * dbneedsupdate
 * dbupdate
 * save_member
 * delete_login
 * process_query

I think none of these can even work in 1.3 at the moment. So, if this is really true, can't we delete them? Each of these functions contains one or more calls to DBI->connect(), which I want/need to modify to add the "pg_enable_utf8 => 1" parameter to resolve bug #953... (The fewer of those, the better :-)   )



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