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Re: Proposal: Move remaining 1.3 feature requests to 1.5

> Hi all,
> As part of the effort to get 1.4 out the door, I've been looking at the
> open feature requests. One thing I found is that there are 5 feature
> requests still open for 1.3. I'd like to move those to 1.5: I'd like to
> declare 1.4 feature complete, so - after review - all 1.4 requests can be
> moved to 1.5 as well.
> How about that?
My thoughts
It seems like issue 207 Unique reference for each screen/form/report is in
1.4 already or at least somewhat done perhaps to move to 1.4?

Issue #225 Implement web connect or OFX might be really easy to sneak in
1.4 since its just another perl dependency and some coding.
Really anything that might help more users migrate to from other
mainstream accounting applications that start with Q I would be down with
helping with. If it is essentially quickbooks compatibility I would really
think it could help a large number of people migrate data back and forth.
Link: http://support.quickbooks.intuit.com/support/articles/SLN41155
I would be willing to help with either or both of them in 1.4

Sure the rest I think might go in 1.5 except I don't entirely under stand
issue #274 Managing exchange rate. But it might just be me.
Is there a problem with the comma and a decimal not being interchangeable ?

But really its fine either way since one could make a branch for
development of these.