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Re: column "crdate" of relation "ar" does not exist

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Dátum: Thu, 21 Nov 2013 14:20:39 -0800

> Working in svn Revision: 6305
> I get the following error when posting an ar transaction to an mostly
> empty db:
> ERROR: column "crdate" of relation "ar" does not exist
> LINE 17: crdate = '2013-11-21',
> I did a grep -r of the sql directory for 'crdate' and came up with nothing.
> Doing a
> ALTER TABLE ONLY ar ADD crdate date;
> Fixes the issue.
> Is there a file should be run on the database after a svn update?
> Cheers
> turtle


Do you use the 1.4 or 1.3 ?

The crdate come up in 1.3.3x and means invoice creation date.

In the 1.3 series it should work without problem, in other words, the upgrade to using crdate is working.

Check this commit:

Here you can see the database, search for crdate, comment included:

Here you can see the fixes (for upgrade from previous 1.3 version):

I hope you can fix it quickly. I will check the database in trunk, maybe in the weekend I will have time.