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1.3.35-rc1 out

Hi everyone;

1.3.35-rc1 is out.  Everyone should feel free to test it and report problems.  Istvan made some changes to the invoicing screens so that is one thing to check.

The complete changelog is:

Changelog for 1.3.35
* Fixed uninitialized value warnings when cached template enabled (Chris T)
* Fixed error in logs about failed login during initial login (Chris T, 858)
* Updated gnome2 stylesheet (Pongracz I)
* Updated Hungarian translation (Pongracz I)
* Fixed is_zero error on inventory activity report (Chris T)
* Fixed bug 861, receipts saying "pay from" cash account (Chris T)
* Dropped not null requirement on zip/mail codes (Chris T, 863)
* Fixed on hold throwing http 500 errors (Chris T and Nick P, 872)
* Fixed on hold not available for ar/ap transactions (Chris T, 838)
* Fixed single payments screen confusing (Chris T, 856)
* Fixed confusing error on tax form reports (Chris T, 883)
* Fixed unable to edit quotation.tex (Chris T, 885)
* Silenced warnings in Num2Text (Chris T)
* Fixed blank weights sometimes making invoices unprintable (Chris T)
* Fixed some bugs with SL2.8 to LedgerSMB upgrades (Chris T)
* Fixed encoding errors after sending email (Chris T, 884)
* Fixed spurious 0's in incorrect fields (Chris T, 889)
* Copy to New no longer copies payments (Chris T)
* Fixed '0' invoice number on customer history summary (Chris T)
* Added 'created on' date to invoices (Pongracz I)
* Condensed income statement and balance sheet for readability (Erik H)

Chris T is Chris Travers
Nick P is Nick Prater
Pongracz I is Pongracz Istvan
Erik H is Erik Huelsmann

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers

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