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Re: nginx with (plack-fcgi vs. plack-starlet) vs. apache with mod-perl

On Fri, Oct 25, 2013 at 6:02 AM, Pongrácz István <..hidden..> wrote:


I just plan to build a new system and prefer to use nginx instead of apache.

I am wondering, what experiences do you have with nginx + fcgi vs. apache?

I haven't use nginx yet, but I do use Apache/CGI and FCGI.  I have found the following things:

1.  LedgerSMB is *much* faster on FCGI, but it takes a lot more knowledge and patience to set up and get working.

2.  Error reporting is a lot simpler and more reliable on CGI.  If the handler dies, you often wont get a report of an error logged.

3.  There are additional gotchas for running over FSGI security-wise, particularly if you use an external server.  It is all too easy to end up with things running as root, which is not really recommended.

4.  Because not all code is cached, it is really easy, when working with FCGI to wonder why a code change hasn't taken effect, when one needs to reload the handler.

My recommendation is to use FCGI for performance if you are planning on using it and having a separate alias set up for CGI access if you ever need it. 

I am a little bit confused with plack-fcgi and plack-starlet: which one to choose? (There are rellevant  directories under addons)

plack-fcgi has been superceded by tools/app.psgi.  I would use that one.  It can be used for a generic, external FCGI server.  Such a server should be able to be run from any web server that supports our basic requirements including forwarding of the AUTHORIZATION header.

The plack-starlet addon is a bit dated and might have some issues.  Starlet is a pure perl fast forking HTTP server.    It would be used in extremely light-weight installs.

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Chris Travers  





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