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Multiple tables

The situation is that multiple Amazon product identifiers (ASIN) can be assigned to one of our products (parts).  We have a custom field ("asin") on the Add Part screen.  When data reaches ic.pl, the code (snippet) below is exercised to insert a row in the parts table.  Since there can be multiple ASINs, it would be better to store them in a separate table with a foreign key.

I'm an experienced Python developer, but a novice at Perl.  The last three lines of code are causing the queries to not work.  What syntax should I introduce into ic.pl to store ASINs in a separate database table?


    $sth = $dbh->prepare($query);
    $form->{partnumber} = trim($form->{partnumber});
    $form->{description} = trim($form->{description});


        $form->{partnumber},      $form->{partname},


        $form->{expense_accno},   $form->{obsolete},
        $form->{image},           $form->{drawing},
        $form->{microfiche},      $partsgroup_id,
    ) || $form->dberror($query);

    $query = "insert into part_asin (part_id, asin) values (?, ?)";
    $sth = $dbh->prepare($query);
    $sth->execute( $form->{id}, 'B005QUQP8U');

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