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Re: Fwd: Migrating from another accounting system

 Hi Brian,

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Feladó: "Brian Wolf" <..hidden..>
Címzett: "LedgerSMB Development List" <..hidden..>
Dátum: Mon, 26 Aug 2013 18:00:30 -0400

Is there a way of adding historical data such as invoices (and invoice items) to LedgerSMB?

Would it be reasonable to simply add rows to AR and INVOICE tables?  Would that affect the company's financial data?

I think, if you add rows as you described, it will affect financial data and the ledger.

What if you migrate let's say, all the data from the past year?

Or create a special offer numbering and sales_offer which contain the real orders from the past year?

Offers do not effect on financial data and you can use numbering with HISTORY pre tag, like HISTORY_OLDINVOICENUMBER?