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Re: xedemo templates with utf-8 support in 1.3


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Feladó: "Håvard Sørli" ..hidden..
Címzett: ..hidden..
Dátum: Tue, 13 Aug 2013 16:40:55 +0200

> On 13. aug. 2013 09:09, Pongrácz István wrote:
>> I am working on to fix some layout issues with xedemo templates,
>> including the html and tex files, missing fields.
> Thanks :-)
>> In short, I use utf-8 and would like to use A4 instead of letter format
>> for tex.
> We should change it to get the pagesize as a general setting. or
> Can we as a general "default fast" fix make all xedemo templates as A4 ?

A4 is not the biggest (aka time consuming) issue, but I expected that, several fields simply does not work or in the html layout, there were extra first column in the template and the result were "not-so-eye-candy" :)

That is why I asked, who else using this kind of layout (xedemo) and have similar experience?

Other kind of issue, I translated almost everything to Hungarian (hu.po) and I found that annoying issue, the sentence "All prices in HUF." did not translated to Hungarian, it still in English.
I found this kind of issue with sentences like this (original, in the po file):
All prices in [_1].

I can see, the text function simply a wrapper around maketext and passes the original sentence and parameters to the maketext. Of course, it is translated to Hungarian like this: A megadott árak [_1]ban értendők.

So, the interesting point, there are other sentences, which are working well, and there is a fresh one, where the English contains the Hungarian translation: Fizetendő ÁFA 27% on 320000.00
Update: I checked, here there is no text, but the 'Fizetendő ÁFA 27%' is the name of the tax and read directly from DB.

So, as I have time, I fix the layout one by one and put to SF as proposal.