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Re: Date input field enhancement by tavugyvitel.hu - worth to use it


In 1.4 trunk, there is a Dojo date widget currently hooked up to the Journal Entry screen. I've been planning to move this into UI/lib/elements.html, basically create a "date" element that can then be more easily hooked up, and then there's a single place where the date format preferences can be handled for everywhere in the application... and a nifty drop-down date widget included.

What I haven't yet figured out is how to get the user's date format and locale preference injected into the template system. If somebody can more easily inject that into the environment so it can be accessed by a variable, this will be a very easy thing to solve.

The next question then becomes, do we localize in the JS only, or also on the server?

Here are some examples for how you can set date formats in the date widget: http://archive.dojotoolkit.org/nightly/dojotoolkit/dijit/tests/form/test_DateTextBox.html , and then Dojo could automatically convert those to a single format that is actually submitted on the form -- this to me seems like the easier approach. Then the form post handler can expect a consistent format from anywhere.

There are more date parsing formats available, we could even support custom formats as described here: http://dojotoolkit.org/reference-guide/1.9/dojo/date/locale/parse.html#dojo-date-locale-parse

John Locke

On 08/09/2013 05:36 AM, Erik Huelsmann wrote:

>> > Much of the new code has date fields being of class "date" which is there in part to allow _javascript_ handles to be added programmatically in a central manner.
>> >My larger question is this:  what is the best way to allow for customized handles like this?
> Hmmm, I have no idea. 
> If you mentioned, it is possible to hook custom _javascript_s for each class of input fields, probably a dedicated subdirectory could contain custom scripts. I guess it needs to develop a general framework.
> I guess you know more about the code and possibilities. :)

In my opinion, it'd be very good to include this in the discussion on UI improvements John, Brian, Mikkel and others are (going to be) having.

Possibly, this is just a matter of flipping a bit there (i hope :-)




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