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Re: Dojo tabs demo / using dojo in LSMB

Each _javascript_ library has its strengths and weaknesses; Dojo and Prototype / Scriptaculous are no exceptions.  I've implemented some custom screens for LedgerSMB using Prototype / Scriptaculous, already in production.  Do I understand that LedgerSMB will now be distributed with Dojo?  That decision does have some impact.


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On 07/28/2013 02:57 AM, Erik Huelsmann wrote:
Hi John,

Just a moment ago, I showed the demo you set up with Dojo tabs for the ECA screen to Chris. We both like it a lot.

Chris said "If he commits this, I can try to move us away from scriptaculous." However, if you have time to do it, that's very much appreciated as well. The only thing that *I* know that needs doing is replacing the accounts drop-down. The code for that is in UI/lib/elements.html.




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